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Do you know what causes aluminum oxide exposure and oxidation?
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Lead to industrial aluminum exposure and oxidation reasons

1, the use of industrial aluminum seal material is too poor, such as plastic strips, anti-aging time is short, 

    sealant expired or counterfeit plastic, anti-displacement ability, easy to crack and so on.

2, the production of industrial aluminum processing accuracy does not meet the quality requirements, with 

    the gap is too large, the need to be bonded after the assembly parts are not coated with sealing material 

    directly assembled, resulting in exposure through a variety of assembly gaps easily infiltrated within the 

    aluminum and the main structure .

3, when installed in the field of industrial aluminum, not easy to control the size of the assembly, so that there

    is mutual positional deviation of each lap seal or under lap size, or because of a gap and a pressure foot, for 

    fixing the aluminum frame fastening screws No closed plastic plugging, sealed with sealant sealing surface 

    when the surface is not clean and so on.

4, industrial aluminum waterproof structure design is not reasonable, waterproof sealing level is not enough, 

   aluminum structure of the cavity drainage channel is not formed. When the exposure to the action of the pressure 

   difference inside and outside air easily enter into the interior cavity and aluminum, into the exposure chamber 

   aluminum, but aluminum can not be smoothly discharged outside the drainage system to remain in the resulting 

   aluminum Water and produce oxidation phenomenon.

5, Aluminum structural strength and degree of steel failed to reach the location where the use of aluminum extrusion 

    resistance index requirements, resulting in aluminum rod force, hardware accessories, seals and bonding materials 

    under normal wind load generated serious Of plastic deformation, cracking or damage, resulting in failure of the 

    aluminum body seal resulting exposure oxidation. The reason for this is that the product fails to properly calculate 

    and design strength as specified in the specifications and does not pass physical tests of wind pressure before 

    production and installation.

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